Oilcooling box

Oil cooling solution. This will make your asic silent. Suitable for many different models. The right kind of oils are included. Convenient temperature monitoring on the side of the device. 

Compatible models: Antminer S9, S9i, S9j, S9se, S9k, L3+, X3, B3, A3, D3, V9, T9+, Z9-Mini, DR3 Baikal Giant B, X10, N, X, D, N70, DragonMint B29, B52, X1, X2, T1 Avalon 821, 841 Innosilicon A5, A4+, A9, D9, D9+, S11, A9 ZMaster Whatsminer M3 Pinidea RR-200, DR-100, DR-100 PRO, DRX-Varyag, DRX-Kuznetsov, DR3 GMO Miner B2, B3 Dayun Zig Z1, Z1+, X1 Obelisk DCR1, SC1 Fusion Silicon X1, X2, X6, X7 Pantech SX6, SX9i 

Technical information: Connection DC 12V Amps 1A Power 12W Estimated temperature during mining 55-65°C Operating temperature -20°C to 50°C Temperature sensor -25°C-150°C Display 4 digit Size 54(L)x20(W)x30(H) cm Tank size 49(L)x20(W)x30(H) cm Weight (without oil) 4 kg

780.00 €