M2 Pro low power wide area network (LPWAN) miner. It makes mining multiple coins easier, cheaper and more profitable than before! Today's daily income is around €10-15! 

Weight 2 kg Dimensions 101 × 226 × 73 mm PROCESSOR NXP MCIMX6G2CVM05AB, 528MHz, Arm Cortex-A7 Memory 256 MT DDR3 RAM/ 256MB NAND FLASH Storage memory Optional SSD up to 32 GB or industrial SD card LoRa Radio Two SX1303 chipsets, 16 frequency channels Supports EU868, US915, AS920, AS923, AU915, KR920 and IN865 ranges WiFi 2.412-2.484 GHz, IEEE 802 Part 11b/g/n (802.11b/g/n) GPS UBlox Max 7Q GNSS receiver with additional LNA Ethernet RJ45 10/100 Mbit LAN and 24V POE Console Via USB-C as a virtual COM port Interface USB-C and PD for console UART and Power USB-A 2.0 host reset button Internal sensors 3-axis acceleration sensor Pressure sensor Temperature sensors Voltage and current monitoring Antenna connection 4x SMA connectors, waterproof Power source 24V DC passive PoE or USB-C PD rev 2.0 up to 22V Power consumption Average 3.5W, peak 6W Operating temperature -40oC -> 85oC Encapsulation ASA plastic, IP66 rating, ANTI-UV Size (without antennas) 101 x 226 x 73 mm 

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