GekkoScience NewPac 11-15 GH/s

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LOTTERY MINER Are you interested in mining on a small budget? Can't bear to listen to the constant hum of the fan? Maybe the monthly income doesn't matter so much? Here's a good solution, just to chase the block reward! This will not Mine monthly money for you, but will solve the blockchain continuously, giving you the chance to get the block reward! The right way to win the lottery! Read more about block rewards here NewPac USB Miner is a very powerful miner for SHA256 based Cryptos like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Namecoin, DEM and other similar coins. Performance: 11-15 GH/s. With active cooling and clock frequency adjustment, it can be used with higher hashrates. 

This Mining stick is equipped with two highly efficient AntMiner BM1384 ASIC chips. CGMiner has made see a customized version for the miner, which can be downloaded to the machine and offers the possibility to modify the clock speed settings. In addition, it provides a trimpod to adjust the core voltage of the ASIC from 550 mV to 800 mV. Average power consumption is 0.3W/GH. The launcher is equipped with a large aluminum cooling element that provides good heat dissipation. For clock speeds over 100 MHz, we recommend active cooling (fan). Power consumption depends on the set core voltage and clock frequency and varies between 2 W and approx. 10 W. We do not recommend connecting the stick to a computer's USB port. Due to the power consumption of the stick, it is wiser to get a USB hub with an external power source. The device may be damaged due to low current. 

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