What to mine when eth goes POS?


WHAT TO MINE WHEN ETH RUNS OUT?  What will do do when ethereum changes shape? 

In September 2022, the Ethereum merger will take place. But is that the end of cryptocurrency mining? You can rest assured that you still have cryptocurrencies to mine. We list a few of them here POW(proof of work) is still here and going. What effect will the Ethereum merger have on Mining? The merger has a big impact on mining. First, energy consumption drops by 99 percent. But where does this leave us? Basically, after the merger, Ethereum mining will cease to exist, but miners have options. One can start mining other PoW coins. However, the returns are lower, at least initially. ETH miners who switch to other coins can increase the hashrate of those coins. Multipliers from 5x to 10x are possible. 

Why is everyone mining Ethereum? Today, the majority mine Ethereum because it is the most profitable cryptocurrency on most GPUs and asics.

So let's see what other coins can be mined in the future; 

Ravencoin In 2021, Ravencoin (RVN) became the second most popular coin due to the increase in exchange rate, simplicity and low hardware requirements. High stability, presence on most exchanges and a relatively stable exchange rate make this currency popular among miners. 

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Nowadays, this cryptocurrency is ideal for most old machines with 4GB of RAM. In addition, many cryptocurrency exchanges list the coin, so you can easily exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money at low cost. 

ERGO In a short time, this coin managed to attract almost a quarter of ETC miners, mostly GPUs 

Firo FiroPoW is a modified ProgPoW algorithm. It is similar to Ravencoin's KAWPOW algorithm. FIRO's FiroPoW is basically identical to Ravencoin's algorithm. 

Cortex Cortex (CTXC) uses the CuckooCortex algorithm. Cortex's exchange rate and mining difficulty can fluctuate significantly even within a day, so those who constantly monitor the mining difficulty will love this coin. If you can trade mining power for this coin for several hours when its mining difficulty drops or the exchange rate rises, then Cortex is for you. 

Most cryptocurrency miners choose the currencies that generate the most profit. Remember that mining is the process by which you earn rewards for using the computing power of your devices. You don't have to guess which coin will increase in price next month. 

You should only mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies right now. If you are sure that a certain coin is potentially profitable, you can always buy it with your mining earnings. This is a much more effective strategy. 

After Ethereum, the most profitable coins at the moment are FIRO , Ravencoin and Cortex . 

Remember that it can change quickly, maybe in a day or even an hour. Remember that mining is not over even if one coin changes shape. There will be more and there are already options!