Cryptolouhimo is a company of experts in the miningfield!

We are a Finnish family business! We want to guarantee everyone interested in cryptomining a safe and reliable place to order products. Since the industry is very popular worldwide and the products are difficult to get, unfortunately there are also a lot of scammers among us. We have done extensive background research and spent tens of hours of resources looking for suppliers around the world in order to get the widest possible product selection.

Our idea for the online store started when we were buying our first crypto miner. Before this, we had been interested in cryptocurrencies and investing for a long time. Unfortunately, we found out very soon that it was very difficult to find dealers and there were no dealers in the Finnish market. We also quickly came across many scam websites and lost hundreds of euros of money on these. So the idea of ​​owning an online store started to smolder and after a long investigation and test orders, it was time to publish our own online store. Now we have been working in the field for a year. Our operations have grown at a tremendous pace and it has been a pleasure to notice how much the industry attracts people!  

- Mikko ja Sarissa Minkkinen, Cryptolouhimo Oy