Worlds first multi-token miner!


The World's First LPWAN Multi-Token Crypto-Miner

M2 Pro, fundamentally re-engineering the crypto mining industry. Mine in minutes, no experience needed, no technical knowledge required, we've made mining easy, we've made mining for everybody! It's time you joined the global multi-token mining movement!


The M2 Pro Miner is powering the revolutionary global Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network, an ambitious, decentralized movement led by the MXC Foundation, DataHighway, the Bitcoin network and technology supporters from across the world. Together we are creating a free, decentralized IoT network to benefit everyone.
The M2 Pro is a low-power miner, meaning we have fundamentally changed the way people mine Bitcoin, MXC and DataHighway and other tokens. It's environmentally friendly, low-power and low-cost mining, it's time to switch to the M2 Pro!

An unrivaled miner, simplifying the Crypto mining industry

Data is the modern day gold, and with the M2 Pro Miner, you can mine in a matter of minutes!

Mining should be simple and it should be for everyone! We've redesigned cryptocurrency mining to ensure you can choose what, when and how you mine with as little effort as possible. The M2 Pro offers everyone a simple and universal mining solution that doesn't require an expensive, power hungry rig, simply plug and play. 

Power, in the palm of your hand

MXC DataDash App

1. Easy installation for iOS or Android: Plug, Scan, Mine
2. Remote Monitoring: Check your mining operation on the go, anywhere, any time
3. Staking: Stake, Store, Bind, Mine it's your one stop Crypto companion